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Let's talk about ice-cream!

Summer is here!

You may want to treat yourself with a nice scoop of ice-cream... Why not try making your own?

The composition of industrial ice-creams can be a bit disturbing; the sugar is often replaced by glucose-fructose syrup which is a stronger sweetner. Industrial production sometimes uses vegetable oil to economise on milk and you also can find emulsifiers, texture agents, preservatives, plenty of aromas and food coloring in the list of ingredients. More surprisingly, there is a lot of air in a cheap ice-cream as it is whipped for a long time...

If you still want to buy your ice-cream at the supermarket, buy the one with the shortest list of ingredients and choose an ice-cream which has a weight close to the volume to make sure you are not buying air (It's already free)! For example: if you want to buy 500ml of ice-cream, buy the one which has a weight close to 500g.

Knowing this, I definitely prefer to make my own ice-cream. Ice-cream machine prices start at around £35 and by controlling the list of ingredients, there are many advantages to eating homemade ice-cream:

  • You can support local producers choosing to buy your ingredients locally (milk, eggs, fruit...)

  • For the other ingredients like chocolate, vanilla or exotic fruits, you can choose the brands which have fairtrade and eco labels

  • It's healthier as you can control the quantity of fat and sugar

  • You don't risk eating artificial additives who's effects on the human body are not fully understood

  • You get the true taste of the flavour you choose to make your ice-cream, not the taste of aromas

Convinced? Let's go to my simple and delicious strawberry ice-cream recipe!

For 6 persons

Time: 30 min + 30 min in the ice-cream machine

For a firm final texture, it's better to prepare and chill the mix the day before putting it in the ice-cream machine.


  • An ice-cream machine (I use the bowl matched to my KitchenAid stand mixer)

  • A food processor or a blender

  • A hand or a stand mixer with whisk

  • A spatula

  • 2 bowls


  • 600g of fresh British strawberries

  • 100g of double cream or whipping cream (normally whipping has less fat)

  • 120g of granulated sugar

  • 1 egg white, locally produced if possible

  • the juice of one lemon (preferably unwaxed)

  1. Blend the strawberries with 110g of the sugar in your food processor or blender

2. Beat the egg white. When it's almost done, add the 10g of sugar which remains

3. Whip the cream

4. Mix the processed strawberries and sugar to the beaten egg white

5. Add the whipped cream and delicately fold all ingredients together

6. Put the mix in a bowl or a box with a lid and chill in the fridge for 12 hours

7. Put the mix in your ice-cream machine for 30 min or following the instructions of your machine

8. Store your ice-cream in a airtight container in the freezer

9. Enjoy!

Chef's tips:

  • You can replace the cream with Greek yoghurt to make the recipe lighter. Just don't whip it before adding to the mix

  • If you don't like to feel the seeds in your mouth, put the processed strawberries and sugar through a sieve before adding the beaten egg white

  • Re-use the egg yolk to make some custard or a nice mayonnaise for your summer barbecue!

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