Ingredients and Suppliers

The United Kingdom is full of farms which produce high quality ingredients perfect to bake wonderful tarts, desserts, choux etc... So Pretty Patisserie respects this produce and uses local British ingredients in its pastries wherever possible.

Fresh local fruit

The best way to eat local is to eat seasonal products. You will find below a seasonality table for fruits which may help inspire you to order a cake. The growth of fruit depends on both the variety and the climatic conditions. They can be available earlier or later in the year depending upon the weather. Conversely, there are other products which are available year round, giving us amazing flavours with no loss of quality such as: chocolate, vanilla, caramel, nuts and spices.


Eggs, flour, sugar & dairy

Concerning these basics I use locally sourced products whenever possible. If I can't provide local goods for any reason, I only use British eggs, flour, sugar and dairy. For your safety, I only use eggs produced under the British Lion scheme.

Foreign and exotic products

For exotic fruit and overseas products like chocolate or vanilla, I will always attempt to use fairtrade or organic brands.



For the eggs, I use the ones from the farm 'Ross's Eggs', Broadveiw Farm ,Shakeford, Market Drayton. It is only 3 miles from home and they are absolutely delicious! 

For the milk, I love using the Halton Farms' milk. Their farm is located at Congleton (Cheshire). Their milk is rich, tasty AND local which is the perfect combo. The milk is delivered to my door by Deliver Moo, another local company who also collect the empties to be recycled.

I am currently looking for some local producers to provide So Pretty Patisserie with fresh fruit, flour, butter and cream. So, if you would like to supply me with your high quality products, please get in touch! There are many ways to offer you some visibility on my website and the social media I use.