How to order

You have found the cake you want to order? You are wondering how to order? Or you just have questions about the cakes? Follow the steps below!

My aim is to offer you a great gastronomic experience with my French patisserie!

In order to make the process easier, please ask yourself a few questions before ordering:

  • Is the cake for a special occasion?

  • How many people is the cake for?

  • When would you like the cake for?*

  • Do the people who are going to eat the cake have any food allergies** or restrictions***?

1. Choose the cake(s) you want.

2. Read the Terms and Conditions to be aware of the conditions of the sales.

3. Order your cake(s) by email or telephone (contact details below).

4. Accept the email quote I send to you by clicking on the button provided.


5. You will then receive your deposit invoice by email. Open it and follow the instruction to pay the 25% booking fee to confirm your order (secure online page provided in your invoice). CONGRATULATIONS! Your order is confirmed, let's get baking!...

6. You will receive your final invoice for the balance by email. Open it and follow the instructions to pay the balance (secure online page provided in your invoice).**** 

7. Collect your cake(s) and enjoy the amazing taste of authentic French patisserie !

You have two options to contact me to place your order:​

As English is not my native language, I would be grateful if you could speak slowly if you choose to call me (particularly if you leave a voice message).​

*Please note that all orders have to be made a minimum of 2 weeks before the day the cake is required. If your order is for a special occasion, please consider ordering earlier than 2 weeks before. 

**All the cakes are prepared in a kitchen where nuts and other allergens are used. If you have any allergy please read the T&C's and read the table at the Cakes page of this website for more information.

***Some cakes also contain pork gelatine.

****Subject to the total price of the order, you might be asked to pay the balance 2 weeks before collection. Read T&C's for more info.